Artists at the Viroqua Healing Arts Center

Artists at the Healing Arts Center

Artist Kathy Fairchild

I earned my degree in Arts Education at Ohio State University some years ago. Now that retirement has arrived, my intentions are to become more productive, learn from practice and also from folks who really know about watercolor and how to make it work. Gaining more experience with how paint behaves, what light truly looks like and when it's finished, these are all goals.

The paintings here are mostly recent with a few old favorites for fun. Thank you for your appreciation and support of the arts.

Kathy Fairchild




Artist Elizabeth Lange

I live in the country, close to nature. I see a growing number of invasive species. It's a constant battle to keep these tenacious plants and insects from invading my land and my home.

Painting Invasives helps me make peace with them.

I strongly believe in not adding toxic chemicals to the environment so I deal with Invasives mechanically. A bit labor intensive but vacuum up Boxelder Bugs, drown Asian Beetles in soapy water, weed whack, hire a brush hog mower and occasionally give up the fight, like with Creeping Charlie in my lawn.

Wild Parsnip is quickly spreading throughout the countryside, into my neighborhood and now into my horse pasture. Left to its own devices, it chokes out all the other plants to create solid oceans of lacey yellow. Touching the plant in the sunlight, creates gruesome blisters and scars on the skin. Wild parsnip is forcing me to second-guess my "no chemical pesticide" stance and wonder how strong my values are.

Next summer, I'll confront this ethical dilemma but for now, Wild Parsnip can be the star of my Invasives show.

Elizabeth Lange