The Viroqua Healing Arts Center offers a dynamic and innovative approach to health care.  We provide a wide range of treatment options in a serene and professional setting.

The practitioners at the Center share a common goal of working in partnership with our clients to inspire and encourage the innate ability that each of us has to heal from within.  Based on the need or desire of an individual client often times practitioners at the Center work in conjunction with one another offering multiple services to support the healing process.

We are dedicated professionals committed to furthering our own education and growth to better serve our clients and community.

How We Can Help You

The principles and practice of natural healing have deep roots in the traditions of many cultures throughout history.  The law of natural healing states that given the right circumstances the body, and indeed all of nature, will always move in the direction of health and balance. We proudly preserve these roots and invite you to share in the time-honored tradition of healing.

The following services offered at the Center support a holistic and natural approach to wellness and health care:

  • Massage Therapy & Bodywork Therapy
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Counseling
  • Evolutionary Astrology


Viroqua Healing Arts Center became a part of my life through my search for relaxation and decreased stress. Continued visits for massage and acupuncture have transformed the Center into a sanctuary. The experienced and talented practitioners have helped me heal from injury, decrease stress and pain, and generally improve my quality of life. The Healing Arts Center is a blessing, a haven of holistic sustenance and well-being- to enter is to receive and be nurtured.
Jennifer M.-Viroqua

Our History

It all started with a house.  A quaint little arts and crafts style bungalow just two blocks off of Main Street in Viroqua, Wisconsin. 

But before the house, there was the desire of several practitioners to work with others in a professional, warm, and nurturing space.  The yellow stucco house at the corner of Court and Rusk was just the right space, discovered at just the right time.  Once the house was found the synergy of five area practitioners with a common vision created the Viroqua Healing Arts Center. 

In existence since 2001, the Center was formed as a co-operative by Susan Townsley, Jen Shepard, Susan Nesbit, Kathy Doerfer, and Ellen Arndorfer.  

Currently there are eight practitioners who offer their services at the Center.

Our Mission:

Viroqua Healing Arts Center provides an integrated and client-centered approach to health care.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of care for our clients.

We believe that client education is an essential component of health care.

Our mission is to facilitate healing and the attainment of high-level wellness.

If you feed a hungry person a fish you have given him a meal but if you teach him to fish you have helped feed him for a lifetime.  Chinese proverb